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FMC as Nodal Agency

FMC as  Nodal Agency extends all support required to TA for implementation of the scheme as may be required such as obtaining Government Approvals, Environment Clearances etc. for setting up of Clusters. The Nodal agency is also involved in Preparation of strategy and implementation plan for sub-sector thematic interventions;  Appraisal of DPRs received from TAs establishing the project viability, output, outcomes, impact and sustainability;  Apart from this Nodal Agency  also does Program fund management and ensures timely disbursement of funds to the IAs to ensure time bound completion of projects.

With the dearth of efficient and experienced Nodal Agencies, Ministry of MSME, Government of India appointed FMC as one of the NA, in August 2019. Subsequently FMC empanelled 7 Technical Agencies, selected 22 Implementing Agencies and prepared DPRs for 26 clusters. In the FY 2019-20, 20 proposals were approved and expected to benefit 13000 artisans in sectors like Aqua Culture, Agriculture, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Honey, Bamboo, Jewelry, Rugs and floor coverings, floriculture.

About FMC

The Foundation for MSME Clusters (FMC) specializes in the promotion of MSMEs through cluster and value chain led development. FMC was promoted as a Registered Trust with the technical support of a then UNIDO Cluster Development Programme, in June 2005. In India, FMC has worked/working with around 200 MSME clusters, done/got done DSRs/ DPRs/ studies/ research in another 250 MSME clusters and worked/working with 250 Business Membership Organizations (BMOs). FMC and its experts have also provided training, handholding and research on cluster development in 16 other countries across the globe.


FMC Team

ASK Sharma

Project in Charge

Nitin Puri

Project Coordinator

Amit Tyagi

NA Procurement and

Financial Operations

Rajiv Nagpal

CA for UCs, Expense Statements Submitted by TAs, IAs

Abhishek Srivastava

Technical Expert, Energy Efficiency

Ashok Kumar

Field Level Coordinator

Shivani Seth

Proofreading, Editing of Submitted Proposals

Rahul Bhalla

SFURTI Website Operations

Field Team Coordinator's

Rishi Ram


Chandrabhan Kakoty


Yathish M.E


Satadru Saha

(West & Central)

Rupa Sengupta

East (West Bengal)

Ajit Naik

East (Odisha)

Ramesh Kumar

East (Jharkhand)

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